Business Services

Edward R. Kirby & Associates understands the needs of businesses for solid information to make the critical day-to-day decisions that protect both human resources and valuable assets.  With over 40 years experience in conducting investigations and offering consultation to corporations of all sizes, Kirby’s services can improve the bottom line by preventing losses, providing protective solutions and allowing your business to continue to flourish in these tough economic times.


Corporate Fraud Investigation

Since its inception, Edward R. Kirby & Associates has provided solutions to firms who have suffered loss of assets through fraud.  These investigations have been conducted for all types of industry, including numerous Fortune 500 companies.  The firm has solved crimes against businesses, including embezzlement, kick-backs, purchasing irregularities, conflict of interest, expense fraud, warehouse thefts, check and credit card fraud, cash variances, organized rings and other acts of employee dishonesty.  Edward R. Kirby & Associates has successfully resolved thousands of fraud matters using techniques such as auditing, interviews and interrogation, surveillance, asset analysis, forensic computer analysis, background investigations and other means necessary to most quickly and effectively provide the solution.  Edward R. Kirby & Associates uses innovative techniques to not only identify the responsible parties, but to gather evidence that can be used in criminal prosecution or for civil restitution.


Workplace Violence Prevention

Businesses face significant liability when an employee becomes emotionally unstable, and the threat of violence surfaces.  Edward R. Kirby & Associates has been providing solutions in both assessing the threat and preventing matters from escalating.  Through quick and accurate background checks, as well as case analysis, the firm offers a frank threat assessment.  With exceptional law enforcement contacts, the firm is in a position to neutralize the threat by dealing with the individual and providing adequate protection at the workplace or other potential targets.


Background Investigations

Kirby & Associates background investigations are designed to provide the maximum amount of information for businesses to make intelligent hiring decisions.  Our background investigations go beyond a simple database check — they are designed for companies making serious hiring decisions — where facts matter.  Our background checks are not the cookie cutter type, rather we tailor our investigations to determine not just if there are any bars to employment but just as important, to determine the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses so that the employer can best utilize and maximize the applicant’s potential.  Our checks are tailored to the sensitivity of the position sought and can include some basic research (courts, databases, social network sites) or more complex research, including credential verification, developed references and employment history.


Due Diligence

Before making an investment, many businesses choose Edward R. Kirby & Associates to conduct due diligence on the potential partner.  This process can be as complex or simple as the extent of the potential liability.  By researching the background of the business, the principals and other related entities, Kirby & Associates will provide valuable information so a well-informed decision can be made.


Security Surveys

Edward R. Kirby & Associates offers clients a critique of their current security posture at factories, warehouses, offices, institutions and even homes to prevent security breaches.  The surveys are designed to assess the current security posture, determine any weaknesses, and to offer effective, intelligent and cost-efficient solutions to create a safe and secure environment.  We offer practical solutions to security issues that address real life situations, not a “pie in the sky” theory of probability.  The hallmark of a Kirby survey is its practicality.


Labor Law Violations

Whenever faced with a claim of discrimination (sex, age, race), sexual harassment, unlawful discharge or any violation of the myriad of federal and local laws, it is critical that the company conducts an independent investigation.  Edward R. Kirby has the ability and experience to investigate these claims, providing the impartiality to get to the truth.  A 40-year history conducting investigations for all types of employment issues gives the firm a unique perspective into the nuances that are inherent in each industry.